Friday, September 10, 2010

Without a Camera...

I feel kind of stranded. I usually have my camera with me wherever I go just in case I want to take pictures. It is always sitting out on the kitchen counter or the table just in case Mac is doing something funny or cute, or I made some awesome meal (not very likely), or some craft, or WHATEVER I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF AT THAT TIME!!! I am feeling a little lonely without it. I also have no pictures to add to my current blog posts. Oh and here is the worst part...I get hired here and there to take pictures for people (engagement, family, newborns, etc.) and I have to borrow my friends camera. Don't get me wrong though...I am VERY thankful for his generosity while I save up for a new one. I just feel bad having to borrow.

My dad took my camera back to NY to the place I bought it from and I got a call today saying it was the lens that has totally gone bad. I know have to decide do I want to just buy a new lens just like the one I had, a new BETTER lens, or a new better camera then what I had. I think I am ready to upgrade on my camera since I am doing more "professional" type pictures with my camera. The main thing is the $$$$$$$$$$!! I wish it grew on trees for once. I have been saving all I have been making from photo shoots and almost have enough to get something.

Decisions, Decisions...for those of you that know me, I am pretty indecisive, so this is hard for me. I'll have to make a decision here soon though, so I'll keep you updated!

For now, I'll keep researching cameras and lenses and I'll keep trying to find the BEST deal. I'll also keep looking at websites and blogs I like of different photographers and drool over their pictures!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trip to Canada

Somehow in my super busy summer I missed posting about our trip to Canada for Kurt's dad's retirement party. It was a complete surprise to him that we were all going to be there as you can tell by the look on his face in the picture below. This was taken right after Gary got home from packing up his classroom and we all ran out of the house (all 3 of his sons, their wives, and 4 grand kids).

He was so happy to see us all and we were so happy to see him so surprised! We had a great weekend celebrating his retirement and also his 60th birthday. It was fun to all be together. It had been a while.

I'm really thankful for my in-laws. They are great examples of how to be a hard worker and they have a great marriage. They have always been very welcoming to me and have always made me feel a part of their family. It's fun to be a Schubert!

On our way to the airport we went to Niagra Falls. It was pretty much as I remembered it from when I visited there last...maybe when I was 7 or something. We got caught in a rain storm but got to see a pretty cool rainbow over the falls in the mist.After the falls we got in our rented bright blue Nissan Cube (a little embarrassing but kinda fun since we would NEVER buy a car that ugly) and headed to the airport for our trip home.