Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Back

First of all I am so happy to introduce our 2 new little ones, Luke Harry and Mae Elsie, born June 22. Lot's more updates to follow!

I had a little surprise 3 weeks ago when I went in for a regular Drs. appointment at 34 weeks only to find out I was in labor (didn't know it) and dilating quickly. I was sent by ambulance to Roanoke and had our babies 24 hours later. Needless to say I had lots I still wanted to do in the last few weeks before I thought their arrival would happen. Things around the house my friends and parents took care of for me but they couldn't blog for me. Hopefully I'll get caught up soon.

So, 1 thing I wanted to share was some maternity pictures my friend, Mary, took for me as a gift. They turned out exactly as I was hoping and have been put into a project I had on my list for the babies room. I'll post about that soon enough.