Monday, May 21, 2012

Beach Vay-Cay

 We just got back from a week at Emerald Isle, NC with our good friends, the Whites. It was total relaxation mode from start to finish. Our house couldn't have been more perfect just steps from the beach. We packed up the van with 4 adults, 3 babies, 2 BOB strollers, 3 pack and plays, games, food, The Hunger Games, and bathing suits. The weather was perfect. If it was cloudy in the morning the sun came out as we were heading to the beach. The babies were a bit scared of the ocean and Mae wasn't too fond of putting her feet in the sand (you'll see in a picture what I'm talking about). By the end of the week she allowed the waves to come up and touch her. Luke grew to love the waves! Both tasted sand and didn't seem bothered at all. Really thankful for the time to be together before Kurt starts residency and life gets crazy again and thankful for the good times with friends. I'll remember this trip forever! Babies first Vay-Cay! There's a special place in their baby books for this one!

New Lens

Borrowed this lens from a friend and am ordering my own tomorrow! I LOVED IT! It was amazing how different my pictures turned out. The following pictures were taken with it. I love how small of a focal point can be giving the pictures such a different feel. Next on the list to buy...Photoshop.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Don't Know How He Does It All??

Seriously? I don't know how he does it all??? Oh, wait...he's awesome! He gets up at 5 a.m. heads to work, gets home around 7 p.m. after taking care of sick people all day just in time to help me get the kids ready for bed, then helps me with dinner, the dishes, and the dog. He then tries to give me the time I need after not seeing him all day, and then heads to bed only to start all over again in the morning. He provides for us every day and spends as much time with us as possible and yet I somehow find a way to complain about something I don't think he's doing. Why do I put so many expectations on him when I am the farthest thing from perfect? I've made a conscious decision to look at the positive things, be thankful, and forget the rest. He's an amazing husband and dad that wants the absolute best for his kids and me. I'm really thankful for that! Knowing he loves his family is the best feeling! He's pretty amazing!