Monday, July 26, 2010


Mac loves Katie and Adam. Good thing they like him too.
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Friday, July 9, 2010

On Vacation

Kurt finished his boards (that could be a whole blog post in itself, maybe one day), we went out to dinner to celebrate with friends, we moved into our new apartment, Kurt's parents came to visit and then we headed out for a 3 week vacation traveling all over the place.

Our first stop, Lake Geneva, WI to see my brother and family. We drove, or should I say, Kurt drove all night. It was a LONG night. Definitely not a big fan of the all nighters. I did drive through Chicago which was pretty nerve racking. I'm not used to traffic and REALLY fast crazy drivers. I made it though and am glad I did it.

Here are the highlights of our WI visit...
-being with my family and getting to hang out with them-game nights, Scategories was especially funny
-celebrating Lily's birthday complete with a scavenger hunt Kurt and I made up for her to find her gift and races in the field.
-2 18 mile bike rides with Emily
-biking into town for Starbucks-first photo shoot "out of state"-Having a vacation from taking care of Mac. My neices fed, walked and played with him constantly
Our second stop was in Canada to see Kurt's parents for a few days. We spent a day at a really cute lake town swimming, walking around the town, and drinking Tim Horton's ice coffee. The other day we went around to some really fun antique and craft shops, picked raspberries from Kurt's parents garden, played Scrabble, and made homemade french fries for supper. We had a really nice time just relaxing and not having anything specific to do. It was a great visit with my in-laws. (Kurt will love that I put that picture up of him. :) Also, notice all Scrabble. Not only am I a HORRIBLE Scrabble player but I had bad letters)

Our next stop and where we are currently are is in NY to see my parents, family and friends. My parents recently moved to my grandparents house which is right on the lake so it feels kind of like a real vacation coming up here now. Waking up and having coffee on the screened in porch over looking the water is so nice. Our friends from Blacksburg came up for a few days so we have been doing a ton. It is always fun for me when I get to show people around where I live. It helps me remember how much I appreciate the Adirondacks and where I grew up. We have been going out on the boat, swimming, walking, relaxing, having campfires, and going out for ice cream. We also hiked one of the high peaks in the ADK park and went to a rodeo. We have been having a blast!!! The rest of our time here will be spent with my parents and catching up with friends.

So...we have 1 more week and then back to work and "real" life. I'm heading out for Stewart's ice cream now. I'll be back with more on our vacation.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th

Mac at his first 4th of July first time not in NY for the 4th.
We spent the day at the parade in town, then off to a cookout at a friends house complete with swimming in the pool, then to the fireworks, and finally home to do sparklers with our friends.
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