Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I've not been on here since the day Kurt got back from his month away. We left the following day for Christmas travels and more visiting on potential residency locations. I have an update to post tomorrow on what's been going on since then, but tonight I wanted to just write about goals that Kurt and I talked about tonight so they are more cemented in my mind.

Computer-Can't get on it until my devotions are done and check FB only once a day. It's crazy how addicting it can be to check it through out the day for no reason at all!

Eating- Snack on Fruits and Vegetables instead of whatever I can get my hands on

Exercise-Hour long walk and/or P90 video earlier then later in the day. Somehow if I keep putting it off, it often doesn't get done. Same as with my devotions!

Devotions-First thing in the morning! and then think about it all day!

Kids-make the effort to get them outside to get fresh air!

Kurt came up with his goals for the same categories. It was fun talking it through. It seems like there is always something to work on/change/improve! I think it's good to evaluate your life from time to time and get re-focussed on what is important and matters.

So here's to trying to accomplish what I've set out to do!